An election is a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office.Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated since the 17th century. Elections may fill offices in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. This process is also used in many other private and business organizations, from clubs to voluntary associations and corporations.The universal use of elections as a tool for selecting representatives in modern representative democracies is in contrast with the practice in the democratic archetype, …



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Notes of interest with links to documents in Cold War Eastern Europe. Links to photos, maps and compelling stories.

33/239 ??? Textual Gerrymandering of West German elections to prevent the National Democratic Party from Succinct summary of the entirely predictable "elections" in communist states. FCO 28/835 115 Textual Contents Soviet leaders casting their ballots in the Soviet elections FCO 28/1628 Visual Organization chart of Yugoslav

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The Cold War in Europe was intertwined with the Second World War in a rather circular fashion. The East/West conflict arose from the circumstances of the end of the world …

line, in exchange for promises to hold free elections. A year later, with those promises unfulfilled

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1968 was a momentous year. In the West, it is primarily remembered as a moment of global youth revolt.1 Events in Eastern Europe took place within the context of this …

truly opposition political parties to contest elections.3 The incredible outspokenness in the Czechoslovak

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As well as heralding a series of momentous changes within Soviet domestic politics and society, the death of Stalin on March 5, 1953 also brought forward important shifts of tone …

organizations demanded rights to free speech, multi-party elections, a free press, and the withdrawal of Soviet troops

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A file of correspondence and reports concerning the Soviet attitude towards the Falklands War. The documents cover discussions with Soviet officials on Soviet policy towards the dispute; Soviet calls for …

his primary task is to ensure the holding of elections by March 1984, and that the 1976 ban on political

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fail to clear the 5 percent hurdle in the Hesse elections and its fortunes could go on falling. He found coincidence that, in wishing for very early elections, Herr Strauss was virtually a Social Democrat

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

international elections by the end of February, then the US should 'agree" that internal elections should

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

A file of correspondence and reports concerning the Bulgarian communist party. The documents cover events at the ninth congress of the Fatherland Front; a speech delivered by the Bulgarian leader, …

figure was Edward Benes. In the first post-war elections (194-6; it emerged as the seccnd largest Party largest Party in the country in the first post-war elections but suffered heavily from purges after the Communist

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