Berlin: Bonn Group Meetings

1 Jan 1982

A file containing records of meetings of the Bonn Group of American, British, French, and West German officials to discuss Berlin. Subjects covered in these meetings included flights between Berlin and Turkey; the operation of Allied military trains to and from West Berlin; incidents at Checkpoint Charlie; the supply of Soviet gas to West Berlin; and an East German law on waterways. Other subjects discussed in these meetings included European Economic Community civil aviation legislation; Soviet and East German protests at a visit to Berlin by the British prime minster, Margaret Thatcher; Deutsche Reichsbahn's unpaid electricity bills in West Berlin; the planned celebrations in East Berlin and East Germany for the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther; the hijacking of a Polish airliner; and the future of the S-Bahn suburban railway.
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East Germany France Soviet Union Tunisia Turkey United Kingdom United States of America West Germany
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Correspondence Meeting Minutes
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FCO 33/5855
The following items have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Deutsche Bundesbahn, 03.03.1982, Alliierte Militärpersonenzüge von und nach Berlin (West) Deutsche Bundesbahn, 27.08.1982, Alliierte Militärpersonenzüge von und nach Berlin (West) Deutsche Bundesbahn, 27.08.1982, Alliierte Militärpersonenzüge von und nach Berlin (West); Berücksichtigung der zivilen Post-wagen bei den Mindestachsen je Zug.
Persons Discussed
Margaret Thatcher Petr Abrasimov
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United Kingdom
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Border Security and Migration Industry and Agriculture International Relations

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