Berlin: Western European Department (WED) Paper on Berlin and European Parliament

1 Jan 1976

A file of documents produced by the U.K. West European Department concerning West Berlin and the European Parliament. Subjects discussed in the file include the possibility of future increases in the legislative powers of the European Parliament; the relationship between Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany; and the application of European Parliament legislation in Berlin, including how this relates to the rights of the Allies. Other subjects covered in the file include the Soviet attitude towards Berlin's participation in the European Economic Community (E.E.C.); the method of electing Berlin's representatives; the voting rights of Berlin's representatives and possible restrictions to those rights; and the establishment of an E.E.C. vocational training centre in West Berlin. Documents in the file include a draft paper concerning the relationship between the E.E.C. and Berlin; and a report on a legal dispute concerning sugar regulations that was referred to the E.E.C. Court of Justice by Berlin.
united kingdom elections france international law united states of america east-west relations international relations law voting rights treaties soviet union european integration european parliament diplomatic representation berlin international organisations european court of justice west germany treaty of rome european economic community (eec) Anglo-Soviet relations soviet satellite states Soviet politics Soviet-West German relations East German-West German relations West Berlin West German politics West German press East Berlin multilateral talks European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) Allied Kommandatura Quadripartite Agreement
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France Soviet Union United Kingdom United States of America West Germany
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WRL 22/598/5
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Correspondence Press and Media Reports
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FCO 33/2982
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United Kingdom
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International Relations

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