Czechoslovakia: Political Relations between Czechoslovakia and the UK

1 Jan 1982

A file of documents concerning Anglo-Czechoslovak political relations. Subjects discussed in the file include the settlement of British financial claims against Czechoslovakia; the return of wartime gold to Czechoslovakia; Anglo-Czechoslovak trade relations; British policy concerning the conflict in the Falkland Islands; the resignation of Peter Carington as the U.K. Foreign Secretary, and his replacement by Francis Pym; and the exchange of ministerial visits between Britain and Czechoslovakia. Other subjects discussed in the file include Anglo-Czechoslovak cultural relations; the treatment of embassy staff in Britain and Czechoslovakia; Czechoslovak human rights practices; the emigration of a Czechoslovak dissident, Karel Kyncl, to Britain; and attendance by a delegation from Coventry City Council at a memorial in Czechoslovakia on the anniversary of Lidice's destruction during the Second World War. Documents in the file include a record of a meeting between the British trade minister, Peter Rees, and the Czechoslovak deputy foreign minister, Dušan Spá?il.
human rights trade argentina united kingdom france falkland islands poland united states of america north atlantic treaty organization (nato) banking cultural relations czechoslovakia dissidents east-west relations emigration exports federal republic of germany gold industry international relations loans romania official visits territorial claims war crimes yugoslavia european integration second world war domestic politics international organisations diplomatic missions european economic community (eec) british government Czechoslovak foreign policy anglo-czechoslovak relations british foreign policy American-Czechoslovak relations Czechoslovak politics Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) war commemorations financial claims against foreign countries civic exchanges Yugoslav politics Karel Kyncl Peter Carington Mečislav Jablonský Dušan Spáčil Charter 77 Zdeněk Fierlinger Peter Rees Francis Pym Falklands War (1982)
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Dušan Spáčil Francis Pym Karel Kyncl Mečislav Jablonský Peter Carington Peter Rees Zdeněk Fierlinger
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