Soviet Union: Sino/Soviet Border Disputes


A file of correspondence and reports concerning the Sino-Soviet border dispute. The documents cover Soviet approaches to the governments of non-communist countries, including the delivery of a statement describing the current border dispute, the history of Soviet relations with China, and the events that led to the deterioration of Chinese-Soviet relations in the early 1960s. The statement also included criticism of Chinese domestic and foreign policy, and outlined the Soviet policy of friendship with the "spirit of socialist internationalism". Other documents in the file cover NATO discussions on the statement; concerns that the statement may be a warning of Soviet intentions to launch a pre-emptive strike; a meeting between the Soviet ambassador to the U.K., Mikhail Smirnovskii, and the British Foreign Secretary, Michael Stewart; and Soviet representations made in Australia, Iceland, and Malaysia, with further commentary noting that the U.S. has not been included in the current Soviet initiative.
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Australia Belgium Canada Denmark Iceland Italy Malaysia Netherlands Norway Sweden United Kingdom United States of America West Germany
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ENS 3/301/3
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Correspondence Reports
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FCO 28/802
Key Events
Sino-Soviet border conflict
Persons Discussed
Mikhail Smirnovskii Michael Stewart
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United Kingdom
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Soviet Union
International Relations

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