Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts in order to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language in order to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented. Propaganda is often associated with material which is prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies, religious organizations, the media, and individuals also produce propaganda. In the 20th century, the term propaganda was often associated with a manipulative approach, but historically, propaganda has been …



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Content in British Society, 1939-1951 is arranged in collections corresponding to the archives from which they were sourced. You can read more about the archive materials selected for this resource …

and histories. Propaganda collections: ● INF 6/326-675 – Central Office morale; the reception of both government and enemy propaganda; communications and other intelligence matters the apparent causes of pacifism; pro-German propaganda in schools; attitudes towards foreign nationals provide a valuable insight into the M.O.I.'s propaganda machinery during this time, as well as the presentation

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Dr Brett Holman - University of New England; Dr David Clampin - University of Liverpool John Moores; Dr Juliette Pattinson - University of Kent; Professor Daniel Ussishkin - University of …

War. His research interests include morale, propaganda, routine and the importance of normalcy in everyday life between 1939 and 1945. He holds an MA in Propaganda, Persuasion and History from the University

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departments and ministries; Records of Local Organizations and Wartime Bodies; Collections of government propaganda. Users can browse, filter and search the collection by 9 themes and 45 sub-themes. The documents

records of local units. Collections of government propaganda: ● Wartime advertisements from the History of Occupations Domestic Life Information Services and Propaganda Social Relations Eating; Cooking Public Opinion

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British Society 1939-1951 provides access to thousands of documents from the collections of eleven U.K. government departments, each responsible for dealing with and reporting on the domestic situation in Britain …

Government propaganda The collection is supplemented by a wide-ranging collection of state propaganda, including: comparing government policy, and its presentation in propaganda, to the lived experience of its implementation telephone calls. ● The production of wartime propaganda. ● Intelligence reports on Fascism, Communism

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Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War provides access to British government secret intelligence and foreign policy files from 1873 to 1953, with the majority of files dating from …

Administration ● Military Intelligence and Operations ● Propaganda, Censorship, and Psychological Warfare ● Signals

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Summary of the editorial selection criteria, and the metadata elements provided.

Administration ● Military Intelligence and Operations ● Propaganda, Censorship and Psychological Warfare ● Signals

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Notes of interest with links to documents in Cold War Eastern Europe. Links to photos, maps and compelling stories.

Memorial FO 371/163600 24-52 Visual West German propaganda pamphlet about the construction of the wall FO as "transparent, unsophisticated and boring propaganda" (as well as being carefully edited). FCO 28/3141

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List of files retained by the British government that are not available in Cold War Eastern Europe

1981 Dec 31 FCO 28 4406 Measures to counter propaganda from the Soviet Union 1981 Jan 01 - 1981 Dec

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State leaders in Eastern Europe, Berlin Mayors, United Kingdom Prime Ministers and Foreign Secretaries, Politicians and Statesmen, Ambassadors, Other Eastern European Figures

1957 Mikhail Suslov Soviet Union Head of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee; Head of

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Cold War Eastern Europe provides access to thousands of files from the political departments of the U.K. Foreign Office responsible for dealing with and reporting on the Soviet Union and …

military repression. ● Communist propaganda and counter-propaganda in Eastern Europe and the U.K., including

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