Deportation is the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country. The term expulsion is often used as a synonym for deportation, though expulsion is more often used in the context of international law, while deportation is more used in national (municipal) law. Forced displacement or forced migration of an individual or a group may be caused by deportation, for example ethnic cleansing, and other reasons.



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The Cold War in Europe was intertwined with the Second World War in a rather circular fashion. The East/West conflict arose from the circumstances of the end of the world …

Secretary Ernest Bevin acknowledged that the deportation of Germans from the territory given to Poland

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

A file of documents concerning political asylum cases in Czechoslovakia. Subjects discussed in the file include requests to Britain for asylum by Ethiopian students in Czechoslovakia; the removal of an …

convictions: I . • ! None • • 8 Details of any deportation: None 9 Has applicant been in trouble with

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

requests it. 2). Poles, who are threatened with deportation and those, who are .in the UK without an extended

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

resisting all Argentine !\ > i / V u • , deportation on the Polish blandishments to cross over—

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respect for the rights Iranian Nationals 'Deportation) inherent in sovereignty" and principle

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1814-15 in southern Bessarabia, (c) selective deportation of gether after 1871. This explains, in Ismail "Virgin Land J r Volunteers"- • |M outright deportation! •g f W ^ The announcements below show Romanian nation. Moldavian Soviet State, remains. DEPORTATION-MOSCOW'S TRADITION j I Synopsis of an article article which appeared in 1965 in 'Le Figaro' when deportation of Bess- arabians was resumed. The author was

The National Archives · 1 January 1982 English

A file containing documents relating to the Yalta victims' memorial in London. Subjects covered in the file include Parliamentary Questions on the subject; a mistake in the wording of the …

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