Northern (N): Bulgaria (NG). Claims against Bulgaria Following Crash of El A1 Civil Airliner in July 1955.


A file containing documents relating to the crash of El Al flight 402. Subjects discussed in the file include the history of the case; the principals involved; and options for settling the affair following the withdrawal of the British case from the International Court of Justice after the court's acceptance that the Bulgarian state had not recognised its jurisdiction and therefore it could not hear the case. Other subjects discussed in the file include a Bulgarian offer to the Canadian government to increase the compensation to be paid, without accepting liability; and American appeals not to accept any payment which disavowed Bulgarian responsibility for the crash. Documents in the file include telegrams sent to the British minister in Bulgaria instructing him to open negotiations with the Bulgarian government about the case; and discussion of the status of claims and negotiating tactics with other Western governments interested in the case.
united kingdom france belgium insurance bulgaria international law united states of america canada united nations air traffic control civil aviation aircraft austria compensation currency exchange rates international relations israel law sweden telecommunications weather air safety international court of justice judiciary canadian government west germany airmen diplomatic officials Bulgarian-Soviet relations Anglo-West German relations American-Israeli relations financial claims against foreign countries Thomas Brimelow Anglo-French relations Anglo-Austrian relations Bulgarian government court cases Anglo-American relations aircraft crashes Anglo-Swedish relations Anglo-Israeli relations Anglo-Belgian relations Anthony Lambert Frederick Hoyer Millar Shooting down of El Al Flight 402 over Bulgaria Joyce Gutteridge James Bowker
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Austria Belgium Canada France Israel Sweden United Kingdom United States of America West Germany
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Code NG file 1381 (papers 45 to end)
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Correspondence Memoranda Legal and Treaty Material
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FO 371/142963
Key Events
Shooting down of El Al Flight 402 over Bulgaria
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Anthony Lambert Frederick Hoyer Millar James Bowker Joyce Gutteridge Thomas Brimelow
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United Kingdom
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International Relations

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