Northern (N): Bulgaria (NG). Claims against Bulgaria Following Crash of El A1 Civil Airliner in July 1955


A file containing documents relating to the crash of El Al flight 402. Subjects discussed in the file include the reasons that Britain proposed to withdraw its proceedings in the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.), but not drop the claim, following the court's rejection of jurisdiction in the Israeli case against Bulgaria; the continuation of the American I.C.J. claim against Bulgaria; an Israeli request to use British documentation to defend El Al in court action taken by victims' families; and the resumption of direct Anglo-Bulgarian negotiations to discuss settling the British claims. Documents in the file include an American aide memoire giving reasons why the State Department believed that Britain should not withdraw its case before the I.C.J.; the notification of termination of the British case; and correspondence with solicitors and executors representing some British victims' families about their options for settlement payments following the withdrawal of the I.C.J. case.
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Code NG file 1381 (papers 31 to 44)
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Correspondence Memoranda Reports Legal and Treaty Material
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FO 371/142962
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Shooting down of El Al Flight 402 over Bulgaria
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Joyce Gutteridge Thomas Brimelow
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International Relations

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