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A file of correspondence and press material concerning labour in Poland. The documents contain an article published in The Times stating that Polish workers who fail to turn up for work "without adequate reason, even for only one day a month", will be deprived of one-thirtieth of their pay and be liable to disciplinary action by the Polish government; and an article published in the New York Times claiming that the Polish government has recently reverted to "the classic Communist position on labour rights" through banning strikes and stating that "the trades unions cannot be independent of the ruling Communist Party". The documents also include an article from Trybuna Ludu covering the award of "pension bonuses" to Polish workers.
poland employment pensions trade unions wages workers' rights the times Polish press Trybuna Ludu New York Times British press Władysław Gomułka Populations and Social Policy Industry and Agriculture American press Polish government
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Correspondence Press and Media
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FO 371/135124
The following articles have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The New York Times, 21 April 1958, Changes Sadden Polish Liberals; The New York Times, 15 April 1958, Gomulka Curbs Workers Rights; The New York Times, 20 April 1958, Party in Poland Toes 'Line' Again; The New York Times, 22 April 1958, Warsaw Affirms Tie with Moscow; The Times, 18 April 1958, Poland to Punish Lazy Workers.
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Władysław Gomułka
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United Kingdom
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Populations and Social Policy Industry and Agriculture

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