A wage is the distribution from an employer of a security (expected return or profits derived solely from others) paid to an employee. Like interest is paid out to an investor on his investments, a wage is paid as earnings to the employee on his invested assets (time, money, labor, resources, and thought). Some examples of wage distributions include compensatory payments such as minimum wage, prevailing wage, and yearly bonuses, and remunerative payments such as prizes and tip payouts. Wages are part of the expenses that are involved in running a business, and add value to the employee in honor …



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Content in British Society, 1939-1951 is arranged in collections corresponding to the archives from which they were sourced. You can read more about the archive materials selected for this resource …

its inception, the Committee dealt with prices, wages and financial policies, home consumption, foreign

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British Society, 1939-1951 contains records from collections such as: Records of central government departments and ministries; Records of Local Organizations and Wartime Bodies; Collections of government propaganda. Users can browse, …

Publicity Campaigns; Initiatives The Black Market Wages; Cost of Living News Political movements; Disruption

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This essay gives you an introductory view of the topic of war and social change on the British Home Front by using the changing position of women as a case …

force. This, combined with the concomitant higher wages and greater social opportunities presented by work

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as a minimum, with: H K Article 3 (j) Fair wages and equal remuneration for work of equal value

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A file of documents concerning the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (K.S.?.) and the Czechoslovak government. Subjects discussed in the file include a conference of K.S.?. party secretaries; the sixth meeting …

costs from prices charged to the consumer and wages will depend on quality of work. /4. ... CONFIDENTIAL

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partially com- I ¿v P I I pensated by increases in wages and allowances took place ^ 1 without violent been set up. I 7. Wages. A new scheme simplifying pay scales and link- I ing wages to productivity is

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per ton to 2500 lei in the case of cement). 5- WAGES. On the wage front, there is evidence that the wage

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A file of correspondence and reports concerning the economic situation in Yugoslavia. The documents cover a meeting of American, British, French, West German, and Italian representatives in Paris to discuss …

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and marvellously free of litter and pollution. Wages and holidays are generous and secure. Health services coming into play to cover or patch up the damage. Wages in the public service are high and real economies

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