Berlin: Miscellaneous Requests for Information Concerning Berlin

1 Jan 1982

A file containing documents relating to requests for information on Berlin. Subjects covered in the file include the British government's position on the leading Nazi Martin Bormann, following a report that he could still be alive; a West Berlin resident who wished to establish a banking academy; passport-control procedures for British citizens entering and leaving West Berlin; and a British woman undertaking a work placement at a West Berlin hotel. Documents in the file include a briefing paper on the origins and history of the Berlin Wall; and a draft questionnaire compiled by a research institute in Berlin, entitled "The security policy options of the West in the 1980s", to be answered by politicians, civil servants, and other public figures.
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United Kingdom
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WRL 301/2
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Correspondence Memoranda Miscellany
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FCO 33/5908
The following item has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The Times, 01.03.1973, Officials say skeleton is Bormann's.
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Rudolf Hess
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United Kingdom
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Border Security and Migration International Relations Media and Culture

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