Berlin: Soviet Activity in the West Berlin Air Corridors and Berlin Control Zone (BCZ)

1 Jan 1982

A file containing documents concerning Soviet activity in the West Berlin air corridors and the Berlin Control Zone. Subjects covered in the file include the rules of engagement for hijackings and defections into West Berlin; the intrusion of Soviet aircraft into West Berlin airspace to pursue a hijacked Polish airliner; numerous Soviet reservations of airspace in the air corridors; and Allied statements to the Soviet authorities asserting the Allies' unrestricted rights to fly in the air corridors and the control zone. Other subjects discussed in the file include the violation of West German airspace by a Soviet helicopter on two occasions; an intrusion into the control zone by an East German meteorological aircraft; an overflight of the British military airport at Gatow by two Soviet fighter jets; and an unusually high level of Soviet aerial activity necessitating reservations of the air corridors in October 1981.
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East Germany France Soviet Union United Kingdom United States of America West Germany
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WRL 184/4
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Correspondence Memoranda Reports
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FCO 33/5904
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David Mostyn
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United Kingdom
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Border Security and Migration International Relations Military

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