Berlin: Activities and Organisations of the Federal Republic of Germany in West Berlin

1 Jan 1982

A file containing documents relating to West German federal activities in West Berlin. Subjects covered in the file include the centenary of the discovery of the tuberculosis germ; an exhibition on Prussian history; an offer of entertainment to Allied forces in Berlin by the federal president, Karl Carstens; and the establishment of the federal institute for professional training in the city. Other subjects discussed in the file include a visit to West Berlin by the president of Italy, Sandro Pertini; a Soviet protest against this visit; the use of the transit routes between West Berlin and West Germany by officials of the federal environmental agency; the operations of the federal office for the recognition of foreign refugees in West Berlin; Soviet protests at the distribution of an alleged neo-Nazi newspaper in the city; and the view that Soviet protests against various activities in the city were becoming more forceful.
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