Berlin: Internal Political Situation and Political Parties in West Berlin

1 Jan 1976

A file discussing the internal political situation and party politics in West Berlin. Subjects covered in the file concern inter-party relations in Berlin; a failed vote of no confidence called by the Christian Democratic Union (C.D.U.) against the Governing Mayor, Klaus Schütz; a by-election in Zehlendorf; student strikes in Berlin; and the resignations of the Senator for Transport and Public Utilities and the Mayor and Senator for Justice. Other subjects discussed in the file include the outcomes of the Free Democratic Party of Germany party congress; the conference of the Social Democratic Party (S.D.P.); a C.D.U. rally in Berlin; the publication of an S.D.P. paper on the direction of the party; and the establishment of the Committee for the Protection of Freedom and Socialism. Documents in the file include a newspaper article about the leadership of Schütz; and an analysis of discussions held with the state secretaries Walter Gehlhoff and Dietrich Spangenberg.
elections terrorism transportation political parties students working conditions electricity supply berlin universities domestic politics speeches east germany west germany industrial action soviet satellite states East German-West German relations party congresses party conferences West Berlin Klaus Schütz West German politics West German press Christian Democratic Union of Germany (C.D.U.) Social Democratic Party of Germany (S.P.D.) West German government Quadripartite Agreement Free Democratic Party of Germany (F.D.P.) Berlin Senate Walter Gelhoff Hermann Oxfort Dietrich Spangenberg
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The following item has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Berliner Morgenpost, 10.11.1976, IHK to Participate in Discussion on Berlin Paper.
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Dietrich Spangenberg Hermann Oxfort Klaus Schütz Walter Gelhoff
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