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1 Jan 1982

A file of correspondence and reports concerning Yugoslavia and Amnesty International. The documents cover Yugoslav reaction to an Amnesty International review of the country's record on human rights in 1981; claims that Yugoslavia's openness in publishing details of trials and its classification of political offences may have skewed Amnesty International's statistics; and reports that nationalistic insults in Yugoslavia have a different significance and social danger from those in other countries. The file includes an Amnesty International report on prisoners of conscience, offering an overview of the political situation in Yugoslavia, the rising number of people prosecuted for political offences, Yugoslav participation in international treaties affecting human rights, the fundamental rights guaranteed to Yugoslav citizens under the country's constitution, the administration of Yugoslav justice, and Yugoslav legislation under which prisoners of conscience may be held. The file also includes details of an International PEN campaign on behalf of two Yugoslav political prisoners sentenced on charges of hostile propaganda.
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The following items have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: PEN International, 02.1982, Writers in Prison Committee Report BBC Monitoring Summary of World Broadcasts, 22.11.1982, EE/7189/A1/9-10.
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