Romania: Leading Personalities in Romania, 1982

1 Jan 1982

A file containing biographical notes on leading personalities in Romania. People featured in the file include the foreign minister, ?tefan Andrei; the president, Nicolae Nicolae Ceaușescu, his wife, Elena, and their son Nicu; the prime minister, Constantin D?sc?lescu; the chair of the council for socialist culture and education, Suzana Ga?dea; the patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Justin Moisescu; the mayor of Bucharest, Gheorghe Pana; Romania's best-known journalist, Adrian P?unescu; the bishop of Buz?u, Antonie Pl?m?deal?; the governor of the national bank, Vasile R?u??; the chief rabbi, Moses Rosen; the state secretary of the state planning committee, Aneta Spornic; the former prime minister Ilie Verdeț; and the vice-president, ?tefan Voitec. Also included in the file are a genealogical table of the Nicolae Ceaușescu family; evidence supporting the theory that Nicolae Ceaușescu's daughter was adopted; and an account of a visit to Romania by the British publisher Robert Maxwell.
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Alexandru Margaritescu Aneta Spornic Aurel Duma Constantin Dăscălescu Constantin Oancea Cornel Burtică Dumitru Popescu Elena Ceaușescu Emil Drăgănescu George Macovescu Gheorghe Cioară Gheorghe Oprea Gheorghe Rădulescu Ilie Verdeț Ioan Avram Ion Coman Ion Gheorghe Maurer Ion Ioniță Ion Pățan Iosif Banc Manea Mănescu Maxim Berghianu Moses Rosen Nicolae Ceaușescu Nicolae Ecobescu Nicolae Giosan Patriarch Iustin of Romania Paul Holmer Paul Niculescu-Mizil Petre Preoteasa Ștefan Andrei Ștefan Voitec Vasile Bulucea Vasile Gliga Vasile Pungan Virgil Trofin
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