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Czechoslovakia: Familiarisation Visit by Alan Goodison (Assistant Under-Secretary of State, FCO) to Prague, June 1982

1 January 1982



This is a folder published by The National Archives in January 1982 about Agriculture, Business, Chemical Weapons, Consumer Goods, Disarmament, Dissidents, Exports, Foreign Trade, Human Rights, and Imports.

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Department Reference
ENC 26/4
File Reference
FCO 28/4825
Published in
United Kingdom


human rights agriculture trade united nations north atlantic treaty organization (nato) business chemical weapons consumer goods cultural relations disarmament dissidents economic growth economic planning exports exchange rates imports industry loans motor vehicles nuclear energy nuclear weapons price controls productivity raw materials religious persecution official visits trials oil electricity supply world peace council prague living standards international organisations nuclear proliferation non-aligned movement arrests diplomatic missions helsinki final act american foreign policy british council morale international debt economic policies party membership european economic community (eec) Czechoslovak foreign policy Communist Party of Czechoslovakia anglo-czechoslovak relations british foreign policy Czechoslovak-Soviet relations American-Czechoslovak relations scientific relations Czechoslovak politics Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) Czechoslovak press nuclear test bans Prague Spring (1968) Austrian-Czechoslovak relations Soviet troops abroad embassy staff five-year plans attachés prisoner release Argentinian-Czechoslovak relations energy relations Charter 77 Falklands War (1982)