Poland: Labour Unrest in Poland

1 Jan 1980

north atlantic treaty organization (nato) censorship consumer goods debt repayments dissidents freedom of speech imports industry loans pensions political prisoners ports price controls productivity official visits students trade unions wages workers' rights council of europe fuel economic aid speeches liberalisation international organisations warsaw pact food supplies american foreign policy international debt economic policies european economic community (eec) soviet foreign policy industrial action french foreign policy Czechoslovak foreign policy international conferences Polish United Workers' Party polish foreign policy anglo-polish relations british foreign policy Yugoslav foreign policy Yugoslav press Soviet press Romanian press Romanian foreign policy Polish press Soviet armed forces American-Polish relations Polish-Soviet relations Hungarian foreign policy Bulgarian press East German press Polish politics West German foreign policy East German-West German relations Czechoslovak press B.B.C. Prague Spring (1968) Roman Catholic Church East German foreign policy Anglo-Austrian relations West German politics Polish armed forces Polish government Gdansk Ostpolitik Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (C.S.C.E.) Workers' Defence Committee (KOR) Madrid follow-up meeting to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (C.S.C.E.) (1980–19 Polish crisis (1980–1981)
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