Soviet Union: Political Relations between Soviet Union and China

1 Jan 1978

A file of correspondence concerning Sino-Soviet political relations. The documents cover the Chinese dismissal of Soviet overtures to improve relations, arguing that the Soviet Union must first remove its troops from Mongolia and the Sino-Soviet border; and Chinese claims that the existence of an agreement reached in 1969 on border issues is now being denied by the Soviet authorities. Other documents in the file include research papers on the current state of Sino-Soviet relations; an examination of Soviet and Chinese foreign policies and the use of propaganda; details of Soviet press commentary on the fifth Chinese national congress; and the dismissal of claims that the Soviet Union attempted to enlist the U.S. in a joint nuclear strike against China. The file also covers Soviet opposition to the proposed sale of British military aircraft to China; Chinese interest in securing Rolls-Royce marine turbines; and U.S. interest in British arms sales to China.
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The following items have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Hsinhua, 26.03.1978, Chinese foreign minister's note in reply to letter from supreme Soviet presidium Hsinhua, 26.03.1978, Real deeds, yes; hollow statements, no Pravda, 01.04.1978, Reality and Fabrications Concerning the Question of a Soviet-Chinese Border Settlement TASS, 21.03.1978, On Soviet-Chinese Relations Xinhua News Agency (New China News Agency), 08.03.1978, If the Soviet leading clique really desires to improve the state relations between the two countries….
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