Poland: Poland: Annual Review for 1976

1 Jan 1977

A file containing the annual review of Poland for 1976. Subjects discussed in the file include the strikes and riots that occurred in Poland following an increase in food prices; the Polish government's response to these protests; the dissident movement in Poland; the creation of a Workers' Defence Committee; and church support for the dissident movement in Poland. Other subjects discussed in the file include Anglo-Polish economic relations; and official visits between the U.K. and Poland, including a visit to Britain by the Polish prime minister, Piotr Jaroszewicz. Documents in the file include a calendar of events in Poland during 1976.
trade united kingdom technology poland dissidents exports international relations price controls riots official visits soviet union church-state relations domestic politics food supplies economic policies protests industrial action anglo-polish relations soviet satellite states dissent Polish-Soviet relations Polish politics intelligentsia Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights Piotr Jaroszewicz Goronwy Roberts Roman Catholic Church Edward Gierek Polish protests of 1976 Workers' Defence Committee (KOR)
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Soviet Union United Kingdom
Department Reference
ENP 14/2
Document Type
Correspondence Reports
File Reference
FCO 28/3050
Persons Discussed
Edward Gierek Goronwy Roberts Piotr Jaroszewicz
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United Kingdom
Subject Countries
Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights Domestic Politics International Relations

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