Soviet Union: Crime and Punishment in Soviet Union: Soviet Ministry of Justice Campaign to Propagate Knowledge of the Law


A file of correspondence and reports concerning crime in the Soviet Union. The documents cover a new Soviet campaign designed to propagate knowledge of the law; lectures delivered at Soviet institutions on socialist legislation and the role of the Ministry of Justice in strengthening law and order; and a lecture at the London School of Economics, delivered by a Soviet dissident now living in Israel, on how to use Soviet law to defend one's human rights. The file also covers a war crimes trial that passed death sentences on two defendants who had already served ten years in jail; reports of an attempted airplane hijacking in Turkestan; and the passing of death sentences for economic crimes, with one defendant sentenced after making illegal sales of material to a collective farm.
human rights corruption crime capital punishment law trials soviet union war crimes hijacking government ministries Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights Populations and Social Policy Soviet government
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ENS 14/1
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Correspondence Reports
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FCO 28/1600
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United Kingdom
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Soviet Union
Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights Populations and Social Policy

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