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4 May 2022
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Assignments on the Cold War with reading lists and discussion topics


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1 January 2017 English

On 7 December 1970 West German Chancellor Willy Brandt and Polish Prime Minister Jozef Cyrankiewicz signed the Treaty of Warsaw, whereby the two states accepted the western border of Poland …

1 January 2017 English

We will focus here on how British and U.S. officials assessed the prospects of Sino-Soviet relations, why they were of the opinion that NATO benefited from the Sino-Soviet and Soviet-Albanian …

1 January 2017 English

In July 1964, Edward du Cann, Minister of Trade (or, in 1964 official parlance, Minister of State of the Board of Trade) made an official visit to four East European …

1 January 2017 English

Faced with an increasingly untenable economic situation, the Polish government announced it would substantially raise the price of many basic foodstuffs in December 1970. Workers all along the Baltic coast …

1 January 2017 English

After George Orwell published his novel in 1949 about a dystopian future world dominated by a totalitarian regime, 1984, many people saw much of what he described come to life …