Albania: Operation Valuable; Volume 1

30 Dec 1948

A file of reports, memoranda, and correspondence concerning a plan for special operations in Albania to reduce Albanian support for communists in Greece. Subjects discussed in the file include the need to detach Albania from the Eastern Bloc; the lack of intelligence relating to Albania, and the difficulties of collecting it; a scheme to insert agents into Albania to carry out a guerrilla war; the internal situation in Albania, and the level of resistance to the regime of Enver Hoxha; the potential political and diplomatic consequence of intervention in Albania; the involvement of other nations, including Yugoslavia and the United States of America; the successful insertion of agents into Albania; the organisation of bases to support Albanian operations; and the releasing of information to the press.
security turkey united kingdom politics egypt libya albania bulgaria malta united states of america finland greece germany united nations russia communism diplomacy guerrilla warfare information sharing international relations italy newspapers public opinion soviet union yugoslavia cold war royalty security service central intelligence agency special operations intelligence gathering soviet foreign policy secret police soviet satellite states william hayter foreign office orme sargent william strang anglo-american relations intelligence operations underground resistance american intelligence services communist information bureau permanent under-secretary's department intelligence requirements operations planning release of information yugoslav foreign policy recruitment of agents greek civil war frederick hoyer millar
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Cold War
Albania Bulgaria Egypt Finland Germany Greece Italy Libya Malta Russia Soviet Union Turkey United Kingdom United States of America Yugoslavia
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FO 1093/452/2
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Correspondence Report Map
File Reference
FO 1093/452
Special Operations Operations Planning Guerrilla Warfare Greek Civil War Recruitment Of Agents Communism Intelligence Requirements Soviet Satellite States Soviet Foreign Policy Intelligence Gathering Politics Public Opinion Security Anglo-american Relations American Intelligence Services Information Sharing Secret Police Underground Resistance Diplomacy Yugoslav Foreign Policy Release Of Information Newspapers Royalty
Central Intelligence Agency Communist Information Bureau Foreign Office Security Service United Nations Permanent Under-Secretary's Department
Persons Discussed
William Hayter Frederick Hoyer Millar Orme Sargent William Strang
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United Kingdom
Intelligence Operations International Relations

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