Western (W): General (W). Weekly Reviews of Events in Berlin


A file containing a series of weekly reports produced by the British Military Government in West Berlin on developments in West Berlin and East Germany between November and December 1960. The reports discuss the East German government's introduction of a decree restricting access to East Berlin by West German citizens; and the possibility of a new trade deal being agreed between the East German and West German governments. The reports also cover a crisis in the Berlin Senate's Department for Justice; and how there has been "considerable uneasiness" in the West Berlin press over the announcement that a meeting had taken place between members of the West German Ministry of Economics and the East German Ministry of Trade. Further reports comment on the signature of a number of international trade deals by the East German government; and the state of relations between East Germany and the Soviet Union.
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Albania Algeria Austria Burma China Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark East Germany Finland France Guinea India Iraq Japan Romania Soviet Union Sweden United Arab Republic United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay West Germany Yugoslavia
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Code W file 1013 (pp 51 to end)
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Reports Correspondence
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FO 371/153729
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Heinrich Rau John F. Kennedy Otto Grotewohl Walter Ulbricht Willy Brandt
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United Kingdom
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Germany (East and West)
Domestic Politics International Relations Economics and Trade

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