Northern (N): Bulgaria (NG). Claims against Government of Bulgaria Resulting from Shooting down of El Al Civil Airliner in July 1955


A file containing documents relating to the legal case in the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) about the crash of El Al flight 402. Subjects discussed in the file include the Bulgarian provision of relevant meteorological data; an American request for a further deadline extension for the submission of documents; American-Israeli distrust in the case; and the lack of recommended navigation aids for the airway which the plane had left. Documents in the file include a Library of Congress Mid-European Law Project paper on civil aviation law in Bulgaria; a report of a conversation between Bulgarian and Canadian diplomats at the United Nations about the case; and a summary of the first draft of the American submission to the I.C.J. The Library of Congress journal also includes articles on the abolition of Hungarian workers' councils; local government in Poland; and the "Transformation of the Director's Fund" in the Soviet Union.
united kingdom local government france insurance bulgaria hungary poland united states of america canada united nations air traffic control civil aviation aircraft compensation international relations israel law soviet union weather yugoslavia air safety international court of justice airmen Bulgarian-Soviet relations American-Israeli relations financial claims against foreign countries Anglo-French relations aircraft crashes Anglo-Israeli relations workers' councils Shooting down of El Al Flight 402 over Bulgaria
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Canada France Hungary Israel Poland Soviet Union United Kingdom United States of America Yugoslavia
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Code NG file 1381 (pp 92 to 106)
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FO 371/134832
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Shooting down of El Al Flight 402 over Bulgaria
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United Kingdom
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International Relations

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