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A file of correspondence, press material, and reports concerning social developments in Poland. The documents contain two reports by the British ambassador in Warsaw on vice and crime in Poland, which covers absenteeism in Polish industry, an increase in the number of cases of alcoholism, an "alarming increase" in the use of prostitution by Polish men, and bribery and corruption within Polish businesses. The documents also include a transcript of an interview with Stefan Kisielewski, a Polish liberal political theorist, in which he heavily criticised the Polish government, and called for the rise of a non-Marxist opposition party. Other documents discuss a rise in "hooliganism" in Poland; and a tram strike in the city of Lodz, that was suppressed by the Polish government through the use of tear gas.
corruption crime poland police prostitution working conditions alcohol domestic politics living standards protests hooliganism trams industrial action Polish United Workers' Party Polish press Trybuna Ludu The Daily Telegraph New York Times Polish politics British press Władysław Gomułka Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights Populations and Social Policy American press Polish government Eric Berthoud Selwyn Lloyd
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The following articles have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The New York Times, 15 August 1957, Gomulka Crushes a Strike; The Times, 20 June 1957, Disgruntled Settlers of North-West Poland: Communist Rule in Former Province of East Prussia.
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Eric Berthoud Selwyn Lloyd Władysław Gomułka
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Populations and Social Policy Domestic Politics Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights

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