Western and Southern (W): Albania (WA). Arbitration on Conflicting Claims to Albanian Gold Looted from Rome by the Germans During the War and Destined to be Applied to Settle Restitution Claims.


A file containing documents relating to an Italian claim to recover gold looted by the Germans from the Bank of Albania in Rome in 1943. Documents include discussion of who would represent the different countries in the case before the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) and other procedural issues relating to the case; and of Parliamentary Questions on whether the gold would form part of the settlement for the Corfu Channel incident, where Albanian batteries had fired on British ships in 1946, on compensation paid to sailors killed and injured in the incident, and on other ways of getting compensation from Albania. Documents also analyse the case the Italian government then made to the I.C.J. that the court did not have jurisdiction in the case; agree that close cooperation with the French and United States governments to defend the case is essential; and discuss publication of the expert opinion.
united kingdom france albania hungary united states of america germany united nations banking compensation gold international relations italy law netherlands reparations smuggling telecommunications territorial waters international court of justice second world war corfu channel case korean war united nations security council winston churchill financial claims against foreign countries Second World War Aftermath Albanian-Italian relations Josef Stalin Selwyn Lloyd Dean Acheson Anthony Nutting Neville Butler Henri Bonnet Lionel Heald Oliver Franks
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France Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands United Kingdom United States of America
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Code WA file 1271 (papers 27 to end)
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Parliamentary and Official Government Material Correspondence Legal and Treaty Material
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FO 371/107301
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Anthony Nutting Dean Acheson Henri Bonnet Josef Stalin Lionel Heald Neville Butler Oliver Franks Selwyn Lloyd Winston Churchill
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United Kingdom
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Second World War Aftermath International Relations

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