Central (C): Germany (East) (CS). Internal Political Affairs in the Soviet Zone of Germany; Riots in Berlin, 17 June 1953


A file of reports and correspondence concerning British responses to the East German uprising of June 1953. The documents discuss a speech by Hilde Benjamin, the new Minister for Justice in East Germany; the extensive reshuffle of the Central Committee of East Germany, with a number of new ministers elected; a set of policies proposed by the new leadership, including the peaceful reunification of Germany and a settlement of internal German trade; a paper on the internal economic consequences of the recent disturbances; and a series of reports regarding the internal situation within East Germany and its political parties. Other documents include a set of communications with Vladimir Semyonov, the Soviet ambassador to East Germany; a dispatch concerning the evolution of government policy two months after the uprising; and an article in Pravda claiming that Germany "has not been turned into a second Korea" despite new repressive policies.
trade communist parties peaceful coexistence politicians political parties postal communications propaganda public opinion telecommunications soviet union diplomatic representation berlin domestic politics east germany west germany diplomatic missions protests industrial action Anglo-East German relations Anglo-Soviet relations international communism Socialist Unity Party of Germany Soviet press Pravda Vladimir Semenov Willi Stoph Frank Roberts Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights embassy staff reunification of Germany East German government East Berlin Walter Ulbricht Erich Honecker Gladwyn Jebb East German politics revolts Herbert Warnke Ivone Kirkpatrick Otto Grotewohl Uprising of 1953 in East Germany Lavrentii Beriya Wilhelm Pieck Wilhelm Zaisser Rudolf Herrnstadt Anton Ackermann Friedrich Oelssner Elli Schmidt Freidrich Mückenburger Hilde Benjamin Max Fechner Heinrich Rau Gerhart Ziller Bruno Leuschner Hans Jendretzky Karl Schirdewan
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Soviet Union West Germany
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Code CS file 1016 (papers 201 to 221)
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Reports Correspondence Press and Media
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FO 371/103845
Key Events
Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
Documents in this file were retained under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act 1958. The following articles have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The Economist, 4 July 1953, Post-Mortems in East Germany; The Economist, 11 July 1953, The East German Revolt.
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Anton Ackermann Bruno Leuschner Elli Schmidt Erich Honecker Frank Roberts Freidrich Mückenburger Friedrich Oelssner Gerhart Ziller Gladwyn Jebb Hans Jendretzky Heinrich Rau Herbert Warnke Hilde Benjamin Ivone Kirkpatrick Karl Schirdewan Lavrentii Beriya Max Fechner Otto Grotewohl Rudolf Herrnstadt Vladimir Semenov Walter Ulbricht Wilhelm Pieck Wilhelm Zaisser Willi Stoph
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United Kingdom
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East Germany
Domestic Politics Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights

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