Central (C): Germany (East) (CS). Internal Political Affairs in the Soviet Zone of Germany; Riots in Berlin, 17 June 1953.


A file of reports and correspondence concerning the situation in Berlin and East Germany following widespread demonstrations and strikes. Subjects in the file include a Joint Press Reading Service translation of an article by a Pravda correspondent on Soviet allegations of Western provocation in the recent disorders; a press release of president Eisenhower's reply to Chancellor Adenauer in response to demonstrations in East Germany; and correspondence between the three Allied High Commissions to the Soviet General Dibrova, with regard to the recent disturbances and the failure to restore transport services in East Berlin. Other documents include intelligence reports on further strike action and the involvement of international trade union representatives, interested in the position of workers in the Soviet Zone; and official statements announcing the relaxation of travel restrictions imposed after the recent demonstrations, and the lifting of martial law.
crime international relations transportation riots trade unions travel restrictions east germany dwight d. eisenhower protests industrial action dissent Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights revolts Konrad Adenauer Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
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Code CS file 1016 (papers 153 to 176)
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Correspondence Reports
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FO 371/103843
Key Events
Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
Persons Discussed
Dwight D. Eisenhower Konrad Adenauer
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United Kingdom
Subject Countries
East Germany
International Relations Dissent, Resistance, and Human Rights

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