German Democratic Republic (GDR): German Democratic Republic: Country Assessment Paper

1 Jan 1982

A file of correspondence and reports concerning a country assessment paper for East Germany. The documents include drafts of the final report on the demography and geography of East Germany; East German foreign trade, exchange rates, export markets, and Anglo-East German trade; the work of the British embassy in East Germany; and British interests in East Germany, including the rights of the four powers, official visits, trade and finance, human rights, the work of the British Council, and the B.B.C.'s German service. Other documents in the file discuss special reporting requirements for East German political and cultural events; and an enquiry on the impact of the B.B.C.'s German services.
human rights trade united kingdom cultural relations currency exports exchange rates imports international relations demographics east germany diplomatic missions british council Anglo-East German relations british foreign policy diplomatic officials Embassy and Consulate Administration B.B.C. embassy staff East German foreign policy East German government East German politics
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United Kingdom
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WRE 14/1
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Correspondence Reports
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FCO 33/5507
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United Kingdom
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East Germany
Embassy and Consulate Administration International Relations

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