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Poland: Poland and the Conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe (CSCE)

1 January 1982



This is a folder published by The National Archives on January 1982 about Censorship, Disarmament, Dissidents, Emigration, Factories, Foreign Trade, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Movement, Human Rights, International Trade.


human rights trade refugees freedom of movement united nations arms control north atlantic treaty organization (nato) censorship debt repayments disarmament dissidents east-west relations emigration factories freedom of information jews journalists loans nuclear weapons pipelines political prisoners public opinion religious persecution sanctions scientists official visits telecommunications trade unions travel restrictions trials workers' rights council of europe humanitarian aid diplomatic representation economic aid self-determination speeches international organisations non-aligned movement warsaw pact british army helsinki final act american foreign policy international debt european economic community (eec) weapons trade soviet foreign policy radio broadcasts french foreign policy military exercises Czechoslovak foreign policy international conferences polish foreign policy british foreign policy Soviet press Polish press Soviet politics Polish-Soviet relations Czechoslovak politics Polish politics West German foreign policy Czechoslovak press Polish nationals abroad radio jamming Roman Catholic Church prisoner release multilateral talks Northern Ireland conflict Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (C.S.C.E.) Martial law in Poland (1981–1983) Madrid follow-up meeting to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (C.S.C.E.) (1980–19 Soviet-Afghan War (1979–1989) Polish Solidarity movement Argentinian-Austrian relations Austrian-West German relations

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