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Czechoslovakia: Internal Political Situation in Czechoslovakia

1 January 1982



This is a folder published by The National Archives on January 1982 about Agriculture, Business, Censorship, Coal, Communism, Construction, Consumer Goods, Culture, Dissidents, Education.


human rights agriculture youth trade education elections technology coal mining pollution tourism housing women health services business censorship communism construction consumer goods cultural relations culture dissidents economic planning educational exchanges emigration employment exports gold imports industry investments iron languages law loans citizenship price controls productivity public opinion raw materials religious persecution schools official visits steel textiles theatre trials wages oil fuel sport church-state relations political ideology universities demographics living standards international organisations private enterprise arrests helsinki final act ethnic minorities morale international debt economic policies party membership retail prices Czechoslovak foreign policy Communist Party of Czechoslovakia anglo-czechoslovak relations british foreign policy American-Czechoslovak relations Czechoslovak politics Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) British press Czechoslovak press financial claims against foreign countries religious buildings Prague Spring (1968) Soviet troops abroad Roman Catholic Church five-year plans Martial law in Poland (1981–1983) Charter 77

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FCO 28/4807