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Soviet Union: UK Policy on Sporting Links with South Africa and the Olympic Games in Moscow 1980

1 January 1979



A file of documents concerning Anglo-South African sporting links, and the 1980 Olympic Games to be held in Moscow. Subjects discussed in the file include British policy towards South Africa in light of the Gleneagles Agreement, which discouraged contact between sportsmen from Commonwealth states and South Africa in response to apartheid; the possibility of the British Lions rugby team visiting South Africa; the possible response of the British government to this visit; and the impact on British public opinion. Other subjects discussed in the file include the possibility of Britain being banned from the 1980 Olympics; the possibility of other countries boycotting the games in response to Anglo-South African sporting links; and the Soviet response to Anglo-South African sporting links. Documents in the file include a draft letter from the U.K. Minister for Sport, Hector Monro, to the chairman of the Tours Committee of the Home Rugby Unions.

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Content from Sovetskaya Rossiya © CPRF.
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