Romania: Co-operation between Romania and the UK in the Field of Aerospace: British Aerospace BAC 1-11 Deal with Romania

1 Jan 1979

A file containing documents concerning negotiations for the sale of British BAC One-Eleven jet airliners to Romania. Subjects covered in the file include a visit to London by the Romanian finance minister, Paul Niculescu; Niculescu's meeting with the British prime minister, James Callaghan; Romanian determination to squeeze maximum advantage out of the deal; and a visit to Romania by Allen Greenwood of British Aerospace and Donald Pepper of Rolls-Royce in order to continue negotiations. Other subjects discussed in the file include a final agreement on the terms of the deal following more than three years of talks; the plan for the sale of three British-built aircraft, followed by production under licence in Romania; the potential for further collaboration on other aircraft types; proposed international noise regulations that could affect the BAC One-Eleven; and suggestions that some of the aircraft could be used by the Romanian air force.
trade united kingdom technical assistance civil aviation aircraft business exports international relations military aviation romania official visits economics and trade margaret thatcher financial agreements anglo-romanian relations Paul Niculescu-Mizil letters from members of the public Romanian armed forces Romanian air force James Callaghan Cornel Burtică Pretor Popa Bryan Cartledge Michael Palliser Reginald Secondé John Smith Gerald Kaufman Paul Holmer
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United Kingdom
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ENR 185/1 PART B
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Correspondence Meeting Minutes Memoranda Press and Media
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FCO 28/3838
The following item has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Flight Magazine, p. 1093, various items: "Romanian One-Eleven contract this summer?"; "AV-88 wing flight tests soon"; "Nato to expand comsat network"; "Spain seeks standard helicopter"; "Lockhead receives C-141B contract".
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Bryan Cartledge Cornel Burtică Gerald Kaufman James Callaghan John Smith Margaret Thatcher Michael Palliser Paul Holmer Paul Niculescu-Mizil Pretor Popa Reginald Secondé
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United Kingdom
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Economics and Trade International Relations

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